Joseph JJ Johnson—known to foodies simply as Chef JJ—is the chef de cuisine at The Cecil in Harlem and the spark behind its Afro-Asian-American brasserie cuisine. He says he's sharing a history lesson—a study of West Africa with cooking notes of China and Vietnam. But it's one he never planned on telling. 



DJ BRENMAR- From his native ChiTown to his present BedStuy, DJ Brenmar's beats have been labeled "addictive." That's because he twists up hip-hop/R&B with scene-stealing underground dance music. But it's hard to break out on the north side of Chicago, he says, so he bet on himself and self-released High End Times Vol. 1 last year, which saw so many downloads that the link was disabled in the first hour.



SEAN SULLIVAN- This L.A.-based photographer says NYC will always be his home. It's where he started The Impossible Cool (relaunching soon), which gives readers a peek into the legends that shape how Sean takes in a big world. At a young age, this Philly native came to NYC with the sole purpose of soaking up the inspiration of the downtown scene. Then he began looking at the city with a more intentional focus, which has shaped the person he's become.



CURTIS KULIG- Raw multimedia expressions define Curtis's edgy portfolio. That and the infamous Love Me mark, which launched his cult-like following. Let it be known: He makes a meteoric launch look effortless. It's that eminent niche of downtown cool. And from his SoHo studio, this photographer-turned-artist studies the art of repetition and the power of harnessing your own point of view.





THE HUNGRY GHOSTS // Feature Film 

Directed by Michael Imperioli



NASTASSIYA "The Real Thing" // Music Video